The documentation for the service Dropzone Plus.

Dropzone Plus is a hosted service by the Dropzone team that handles form uploads (with and without files) for you. It takes care of everything, once the data leaves the browser of your customers.

If you're looking for the documentation for the free and open source library Dropzone, you can find the documentation here. You can use the two projects completely separately, but they work well together.

How does Dropzone Plus work?

After creating an account on you get a URL that you can use as the endpoint of your forms. You can send simple form data to it and also include files. The service is reliable and robust, and you get email notifications whenever a form was submitted, as well as a dashboard where you can access and download your data.

By using Dropzone Plus, you can host your website as a static site, and still accept form and file uploads without the hassle of running and maintaining your own server.

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